Distrezz-it-All 101 (Library) - Donna Salazar
(Distrezz-it-All 101 (LIB))


DIA Project


Course Description

In this 4 week course I will be walking you through the basics of using the Distrezz-it-all.

  • We will begin week one with an introduction to the tool where I’ll have you familiarize yourself with the basic components, we will discuss the safety features (SAFETY FIRST!) and then we will begin PLAYING!
  • In week two, we will create a 6x6 album using Cardboard and Watercolor papers. (Zutter's Corrugated Board & my new Artistic Papers used in the sample)
  • In weeks three and four, we will be making a 6x12 cardboard covered book with both watecolor and double sided cardstock pages.

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