Holiday Teabag Folding II (Enrollment Closed) - Donna Maligno
(Holiday Teabag Folding)

Holiday Teabag

Holiday Teabag Folding

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Learning the art of teabag folding, we'll create a door wreath, a snowflake, an angel and a snowman. Yes, all done with tea bag folding! An added bonus will be instructions on how to create your own weathered door on which to hang your holiday wreath. This class isn't just for the holidays but can be used for any Winter card. Once you learn the basic teabag folds, you'll be able to create numerous designs!

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3 Lessons
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Enrollment Closed
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This class includes instructional slide shows, downloadable PDF tutorials, forums, and student gallery. If you have any questions regarding your ability to view course materials, please see our FAQ's.
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