XT/EN Crafting a Handmade Business on Etsy - Extended Enrollment
(Crafting a Handmade Business on ETSY - Extended Enrollment)


Crafting a Handmade Business on ETSY - Extended Enrollment

Have you ever been told you should sell your crafts? Are you looking to make extra money or even support yourself with an income from your crafting? Do you already have an etsy shop but are looking for ways to make it more successful? If so, then this class is for you!

During this 5 week course we will cover everything from choosing a shop name to having a grand opening. We will cover the material in a straight-forward way to help you take focused action to get your shop on the road to success. Similar courses online cost hundreds of dollars and require months of instruction. I have streamlined the process and distilled it down to what I have found to be most important and beneficial during my experience.

I have been successfully selling on etsy since 2007, doubling revenue each year since I started. I will share my story with you, tips and tricks I have learned along the way, and how to stay motivated through tough times. By the end of the course, you should be open for business and ready to make your first sale!


  • Week One: What Do You Love to Make? Choose a Name, a Theme for the shop, create a graphic for the shop.
  • Week Two: Setting Up Shop. Set policies, add the headers, set up shipping profiles, link to Paypal. Managing the Business Side - Taxes, Business Licenses, keeping track of money, customer service, how to use etsy's billing system.*
  • Week Three: Creating items, photographs, figuring out what to charge, how to package items, where to get shipping supplies.
  • Week Four: Marketing - where, when, how, and why?
  • Week Five: Go "live" and get your first sale -- this week will include a blog hop or cross promo activity with all of the students who choose to participate.

*Information contained in this class is meant for instruction only. It is not meant to take the place of counsel from a CPA or lawyer.

Extended Enrollment classrooms include all course materials and are available only after enrollment in instructor-led classes. This classroom contains no message boards, student gallery or teacher communication.

If you have any questions please contact support.mcc@gmail.com