XT/EN Steamed Designs - Extended Enrollment
(Steamed Designs - Extended Enrollment)

Steamed Designs

Enjoy the look of Victorian lace? Love putting gears and clocks on your art? In this 4 week class, we'll dabble a little into the world of steampunk! What is steampunk? In this class, it's a little bit of science fiction with a dash of some Victorian influences and a whole lot of industrial grunge. Smash those altogether and you'll get a fusion that creates something unique, interesting and 'sometimes' dark.

In this class, we'll cover some basic 'Steampunk" styles.
  • In week 1, we'll work on taking watches and clocks apart and use those pieces to create a multi-dimensional piece of art. We'll be using light modeling paste and your choice of colorants.
  • In week 2, we'll move on to something a little more bright with a piece of art you'll be proud to hang on your wall. With sequins and lace, this piece is perfect for any 'steamed' dabbler. We'll be focusing on using Gelatos but you can substitute watercolors too!
  • In week 3, we'll move back into the dark side with a shadow box. Lots of techniques, including painting, inking and making barbed wire!
  • In week 4, we'll finish up with a pretty wreath. Using everyday household objects, we'll create the look of old antique lace and then dress up those embellishments with a small flair for the 'steamed'.
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