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(Wrap It Up - Extended Enrollment)

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Wrap it Up

Wrap It Up! - Extended Enrollment

Course Description

Ever feel like you spend hours looking for the perfect gift and only minutes on wrapping it? As our lives get busier and busier we often neglect the time-honored tradition of gift wrapping. With this class we hope to inspire you to make the outside of your gifts as wonderful as the inside. Join 10 MCC Instructors for this fun class.
  • Week One: Join Cara Miller, Shirley Pando, Catherine Scanlon, Deena Ziegler and Jeri Parks as we look at the basics of gift wrapping, creating your own wrapping paper, crafting boxes, toppers, bows and cards. Week one is packed with ideas.
  • Week Two: Join Linda Dotterer, Jennifer Priest, Jeri Parks and Donna Maligno and as we shift our focus to tags and bags.
  • Week Three: Join Teri Martin, Kim Parkinson and Jeri Parks for the final week. During this week we will tackle envelopes and hard to wrap packages.
Instructors: Jeri Parks, Shirley Pando, Cara Miller, Catherine Scanlon, Deena Ziegler, Linda Dotterer, Jennifer Priest, Donna Maligno, Teri Martin and Kim Parkinson.

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