XT/EN Social Marketing for Crafters - Extended Enrollment
(Social Marketing - Extended Enrollment)

Social Marketing

Social Marketing for Crafters - Extended Enrollment

Do you have a crafty business and need to promote it? Are you a designer or instructor looking to make your mark in social media but don't know how? Are you using social media and not getting the results you want? Then this class is for you!! Craft Industry Social Media Virtuoso Jennifer Priest, of Hydrangea Hippo [Media], will lead you through a 6 week intensive online course to start you on the road to success! We'll cover what to expect from social marketing, what platforms will work best for your business, define goals and learn to measure Return on Investment (ROI), and learn about how to use tools to help with promotions and managing your social media platforms. This class will cover Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube in detail as well as touch on blogs, instagram, google+, and other platforms.


  • Week One: Why do I need it? How can I benefit? What are my goals and how can social media help?
  • Week Two: Where Should I be? Twitter, FB Youtube etc and how they are different
  • Week Three: Creating Accounts
  • Week Four: Sharing the Good News and What to Post and What Not to Post
  • Week Five: Making Time for Social Media & Using Tools
  • Week Six: Setting Goals and Measuring ROI
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Extended Enrollment classrooms include all course materials and are available only after enrollment in instructor-led classes. This classroom contains no message boards, student gallery or teacher communication.

If you have any questions please contact support.mcc@gmail.com