XT/EN Grungy Girl #1: Make Your Own Paint - Extended Enrollment
(GG: Make...Paint - Extended Enrollment)

GG: Make Your Own Paint


Grungy Girl #1: Mae Your Own Paint- Extended Enrollment

This project can make anyone look like a seasoned mixed media artist! The image that we will be coloring in is a download inside the classroom... painting this canvas is almost like a grown up's coloring book. You will print the image onto any type of vintage paper medium that you like... I suggest sheet music, dictionary paper, old maps, etc... The technique that I'll be showing you will be how to make your own paint from Mix'd Media Inx re-inkers and Fast Finish Decoupage. I'll show you how this type of paint behaves, how it looks when layered with other mediums, different ways to apply the paint and some of the different looks that that you can achieve. My sample is made with specific colors but I'll show other color combinations as well and you can choose your own color palette.

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