NEW! Cricut: Crafting with Stencils - Shirley Pando
(Cricut: Crafting with Stencils)

Stencil class

Cricut: Crafting with Stencils

Course Description

I love to create art with stencils, especially ones I can make myself using my Cricut machine!
Come join me for this 5-lesson class to learn how to design Cricut Craft Room files and cut stencils using Cricut Cuttables Stencil Material, cardstock, and freezer paper. Students will create astenciled artist canvas, stenciled card backgrounds, and a stenciled fabric item of their choice. Take your crafting to a whole new level!

Students will learn about other stencil materials you can use with your Cricut and will will receive nine CCR files to download and use in class projects. Use any Cricut machine and any cartridge you own. Students must have basic knowledge of their Cricut machine and the Cricut Craft Room (CCR).

Lessons include:

Lesson 1: Introduction and Inspiration
Lesson 2: Designing Cricut Craft Room Files
Lesson 3: Stenciled Artist Canvas using Cricut Cuttables Stencil Material
Lesson 4: Stenciled Master Board for Cards using Cardstock
Lesson 5: Fabric Item Stenciled with Freezer Paper

The course materials and projects in this class are totally new and different from the lessons in "Crafting with the Cricut: Beyond Paper".

Student Feedback
"Shirley always goes above and beyond my expectations. (I liked) Learning that there are a variety of ways to create stencils. Makes me look at items in a whole new way." ~Jan, MCC student

(I liked) Innovative ideas to use the stencils that were made."~Carol, MCC student

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5 Lessons
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Skill Level/Prerequisites
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

Students MUST:
  • Have basic knowledge of how to use their Cricut machine and all the functions.
  • Have basic knowledge of how to use the Cricut Craft Room.
Classroom Includes
This class includes instructional videos, slide shows, downloadable PDF tutorials, forums, and student gallery. If you have any questions regarding your ability to view course materials, please see our FAQ's.
Other Information
This is a self-paced workshop. All content is available immediately upon enrollment. Students have unlimited access to the classroom while class is active on our site.

Cost: $15.00