In + Out: Doodle Magic (Enrollment Closed)- Catherine Scanlon
(In + Out Doodle Magic)

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Doodling Magic

In + Out Doodle Magic

Course Description

In this fast paced 1 week workshop, the 9th in the In + Out series – I’ll teach you some fun ways to incorporate doodling into your daily routine. With daily practice – (I will encourage you to commit to 21 days – JUST ONE PAGE of daily doodles) you will definitely see an improvement in your skills. Studies show that it takes 21 days to make a habit – and other studies prove that daily practice will help you improve your drawing dramatically. It only makes sense that committing to 21 days of drawing and doodling for 15 to 20 minutes your skill and techniques will improve and you’ll eventually have created a healthy habit of drawing and self-expression.

I’ll also share with you some basic techniques artists use to unlock the right side your brain (the creative side) to help you become the artist you want to be.

Other techniques you will learn in this course:

  • About the various drawing and doodling supplies
  • Getting started with basic floral, paisley and leaf shapes
  • How to look at a shape or inspiration piece and break it down into lines and shapes
  • Filling the page
  • Over coming white page syndrome
  • Enlisting the aid of stencils and stamps
  • Using repeating shapes to fill a space
  • Fun lettering techniques to improve your hand-writing and lettering skills
  • Using a dip pen
  • Various ways to add color to your designs

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Student Feedback
"I like the idea of repeating doodle patterns that make me happy and that I can use over and over on my pages."~Kristine, MCC student

"This class gave a lot of useful information. She was very clear, and it was all well done. Thank you."~Kathy, MCC student

"I like classes that concentrate on one specific topic.I learned how to go about cultivating your own style of doodling. I love Catherine's classes! Great videos."~Debbie, MCC student

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Enrollment Closed
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This is a self-paced workshop. All content is available immediately upon enrollment. Students have unlimited access to the classroom while class is active on our site.

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