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Welcome SEEK Participants!

I recently sat down with Lesley Riley to discuss online learning and what it takes to teach a successful online class. If you are reading this tutorial then you have most likely listened to the interview. I hope you found the information helpful and informative. Below you will find a checklist to help you on your journey. If you have any questions you can contact me at

If after reviewing the checklist and listening to the interview online teaching sounds like it is a lot to accomplish on your own….it is. When I started My Creative Classroom, I did so because I believe in strength in numbers. Working for yourself is never easy and it never gets easier. A sentiment currently expressed on Lesley’s website by Rachel Ashwell and I could not agree more. That being said, for some of you going it alone is truly the best option. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

If you believe you want to teach online, but you do not want to go it alone, I encourage you to fill out our application. You can find it and other details regarding teaching at My Creative Classroom below.

Click here for the Online Class Formats: From Plan to Presentation checklist

Jeri Parks, MCC Founder

Instructor Agreement Instructor Package

Instructor Agreement
MCC Application
My Creative Classroom is currently accepting applications for teaching positions. MCC helps artists and designers create engaging online courses. We believe that great teaching, like great painting, is an art. Very few people possess the rare mix of talent and skill required to master the art of education. If you have the creativity, the patience, the knowledge and the desire to truly involve and inspire your students, we invite you to apply for a teaching position with My Creative Classroom. Just follow these simple steps (Applications are due by Aug 31st, 2011):
  1. Review the instructor agreement.
  2. Download and complete the MCC application.
  3. Submit your application answers to
Are you a business looking for ways to promote your products through online learning? Contact us to learn more about how MCC can help.


How does your instructor program work? Our instructor program is quite simple. You create the course content and we create the classroom. We work together to promote your courses. For complete details be sure to review the instructor agreement.

How often do you accept applications? Currently MCC only accepts applications during specific times. This recruitment period will end on Aug 31st.

As a MCC instructor do I need to provide a kit with my class? The short answer is no. In fact most of our instructors do not provide a class kit. MCC recommends that if you offer a kit it is optional and not required. This allows the student to use their own supplies rather then purchase additional materials. All MCC courses include a supply list so students will know what supplies are needed to complete the projects and techniques included in the course.

How many students can I expect in my courses? This is a difficult question to answer as there are many variables that determine how well your courses will do. The biggest factor is your customer base. If you have already developed a good online customer base your courses will do very well. If you have not already established a customer base you will have to work to create one. MCC will give you information on how to create a good customer base. Other factors include the type, length and price of our courses. MCC will work with you to create courses that will have a broad range of appeal.

What types of courses are you looking for? MCC focuses on paper arts and crafts, mixed media, collage, altered art and theory based courses. MCC is currently working on a new series of classes and we will need teachers to fill those classes. The questions on the application will help us determine if you are a good fit. We are also specifically recruting Cricut instructors. If you have a course idea not listed on our site, be sure to include it on your application, we are always open to new ideas.

What technical skills do I need? Not as many as you might think. Click here to review our recommended technical skills.


Welcome to My Creative Classroom. MCC is an online arts and crafts learning center. Our interactive and in-depth courses are instructor led and filled with wonderful projects and techniques to help you get the most out of your supplies.

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