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Student Resources: Tips for Successful Learning at MCC

There are certain questions and pleas for help that I hear most often while answering emails at the MCC support desk ( During the coming weeks, I'll be sharing answers to some of the most common and uncommon questions I've received to help you navigate the MCC website and make your time here more enjoyable. smile

~Shirley Pando, MCC Faculty & Support

Tip #1: Use Firefox as your internet browser (Can I say it again? Use Firefox as your internet browser)

The absolute number one issue I deal with daily is about logging in. And the number one answer I give is to change the internet browser you are using. We recommend that you use Firefox as your internet browser rather than Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (Mac). If you use IE, there can be times when you are actually logged in, but the screen says you are not. Strange, but true. And very frustrating. Darn technology! angry

Internet Explorer is notorious for poor visuals...and not just with our website. Personally, when I've used IE I have been unable to log into MCC, open links in my emails or upload photos to my blog. Not fun! By switching to Firefox you will alleviate many headaches, be able to smoothly log in and view your course materials. Also, make sure to access the internet using Firefox...don't just download it! winkTrust me, it works! (One more time: Use Firefox as your internet browser )

Tip #2: Don't worry, be happy! aka "I'm stuck and getting frustrated...HELP!"
There may be times when you encounter a problem logging in to the website, registering for a class, viewing course materials, or finding your way around the site. Please don't spend time getting frustrated. We want your experience at MCC to be one that is pleasurable. Email me right away at I'm at the support desk weekdays (and some weekends) to help with any problems you may encounter.

Technology is wonderful, but can be finicky. Those of us on the MCC support team are only human, so we may have overlooked something happens!blush Give us a shout and we'll help you out. wink

P.S. Please make sure that you allow our email address ( in your inbox or you may need to check your SPAM folder!

Tip #3: Editing your profile (...or even finding it for that matter!)
In your profile you can change your email address, adjust to your time zone, change your forum tracking and more.

To make changes to your profile:
  • Log in to the website
  • Click your name at the top right of the screen
  • Click Edit profile tab
  • Make changes
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Click Update profile tab

Please note: You MUST have something in the description box in order for changes to take effect. This can be as little as a smiley face or as much as you'd like to share about yourself with others.

If you need to change your password, you should be able to do it in your profile, but if you have any problems, please email me at and I'll do it for you. Passwords must have at least 8 characters, at least 1 digit(s), at least 1 lower case letter(s), at least 1 upper case letter(s).

Tip #4: Course Categories
We have divided our course offerings into three main categories:
  • Workshop Courses - Our traditional instructor-led courses and brand new classes. Course materials are open one lesson each week. Forums are available for communication with the instructor and other students.
  • Self-Paced Workshops - All course content is open upon registration so students can work at their own pace. Forums are available for communication with the instructor and other students.
  • Library Classes - Featuring retired classes 40%-50% off their original price. There are no forums or gallery, but you can reach the instructor for questions via email.
You can also find courses in several different categories. Hover on "Course Categories" in the top purple bar and you will see a drop down list. You can also click "Course Categories" and will be brought to a page that lists the various course topics in alphabetical order.
  • Looking for a particular type of class...maybe a rubber stamping class? Click Rubber Stamping category. Love making cards? Click our Card Making category. Some classes are listed in more than one category.
  • Maybe you want to see all the classes we have offered during a particular semester. Click on the current semester...fall, spring or summer.
  • Like a particular teacher? Scroll to the bottom of the Course Category page and in the "Search courses" box type in the instructor's full name. Up pops a page that lists all the current courses they are teaching.

Still can't find what you are looking for? Email me at and I'll point you in the right direction.

Tip #5: How do your classes work?
All of our classes are hosted online on our website.

Our Traditional Workshop courses are instructor-led. This means that the instructor is present in the classroom for questions, comments and, in some classes, critiques of students' work. Most of our courses run 2 to 4 weeks. Generally speaking, the instructor will post new course content once a week until the course is complete. You will receive an email when each lesson is ready for viewing. You then have the entire week to review the materials, ask questions, and complete your assignments. Previous course content remains available as you move from week to week. A few of the classes are 1 week courses with several lesson topics. In those classes, all of the course materials are open on the start date of the course.

The classroom materials include printable/downloadable PDF tutorials and slideshow presentations and/or video demonstrations. Forums and a student gallery(called the Praise Forum) are available inside each classroom so you can interact with the instructor and fellow students.

In Self-Paced Workshops, all the course information is open upon registration so students can work at their own pace. Forums and student gallery (the Praise Forum) are available for communication with the instructor and other students. Course materials are of the same type as our traditional workshops (see above).

Library courses feature retired classes that are now 40% - 50% off their original price. In these courses, all class materials are visible upon registration and the instructor is available for questions via email. Students have access to Library courses for a total of 60 days from enrollment.

Tip #6: How do I register for a course and what are my payment options?
To register for a class at MCC:
  • Click the "Buy Now" button in the course description
  • On the next page, scroll all the way to the bottom and click "Send payment via PayPal".
  • Either log into PayPal OR to make a credit card payment, click "Don't have a PayPal account?". You will be able to enter your credit card information on the next page without logging into PayPal.
  • Once you've sent a secured payment, you will be enrolled into the classroom.

Tip #7: How do I find the classes I've registered for?
Once you log into our website, click on "My Courses" in the top purple bar. You will be brought to a page that lists all the courses you are currently enrolled in. Click the title of the class you want to enter.

Tip #8: I cannot see the PDF's in some courses. What do I do now?
If you are unable to download PDF's, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Log out of the site and then log back in. Clear your cache or cookies and go to step #2.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader.
  3. Remove any pop-up blocker security for the My Creative Classroom site. Some instructor's set their PDF's to open in a new window and if you have a pop-op blocker on, it will not allow this.
  4. If you have followed all of the preceding steps and are still having problems, please post a new thread in the HELP forum of your classroom or email me at If you are getting a specific error message, please include that in your communication so we can better assist you.

Tip #9: I cannot see the slide presentations and/or videos in some courses. What do I do now?

As much as we love and depend on technology, it can be a bit goofy sometimes. If you are unable to see the videos in a particular class ...please follow these five simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime Video and/or Flash. You can also find these links on our home page.

  2. Remove any pop up blocker security for the My Creative Classroom Site. Some instructors set their videos to be viewed in a new screen and if you have a pop up blocker it will not allow the video to run.

  3. If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you may be having trouble viewing some videos. We suggest that students use Firefox as their web browser when viewing classes at My Creative Classroom.

  4. If you have followed ALL of the preceding steps and you still can't see the videos, please post a new thread on the help forum inside the classroom or email us at If you are getting a specific error message, please include that in your communication so we can better assist you.

  5. Please remember that your computer and internet connection also effect your ability to view video presentations. While the vast majority of students can view our presentations with little or no problems we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to access the videos. That is why each teacher also makes the information available in PDF format.

Tip #10: Inside my classroom I can't see any of the course materials...HELP!
When you are in any classroom and can't see anything below the Message Boards and Student Gallery links, one of two things could be happening.
  1. The course has not yet begun. The first lesson will be revealed on the start date of the course. We reveal lessons on US time, so if you are one of our neighbors in a different country/different time zone, that may be the issue.
  2. If the course has already begun, you may have compressed the course materials. At the right side of each lesson topic are little blue boxes. When you click on one of the boxes it compresses the lessons so you can focus on one lesson at a time. All you need to do is click the box again and the lessons will expand to normal size. Go ahead and try it in one of your classes...don't worry, you can't break anything. wink

Tip #11: Student Feedback Survey
When all course materials have been revealed in your classroom, you'll be able to give us your opinion about your instructor and the course in the feedback survey. The results from the survey help us know where we are doing well and where we may need adjust things. We've changed quite a few items in individual classes and to the MCC website as a whole because of student feedback, so please know that your voice does count.

Because of the way we have to set up the survey it is like a quiz at school...we have to assign a "grade" to each answer. As you answer the survey you may be told that your answer is correct or partially correct. Rest assured there are no right or wrong answers. We don't look at the grade and no instructor is penalized because of the grade they are given. It is just a function of the software. We want all of your feedback.

Not feeling comfortable with leaving your comments in the survey? Email me or Jeri at anytime with your questions, concerns or praise. We'll accept it all. smile

Tip #12: FREE courses at My Creative Classroom!
Currently we have two free classes that enable you to test drive our courses before you purchase one.

Already registered for a course? All About Adhesives is free to any student currently enrolled in a paid course. It is our way of saying "thank-you" for enrolling in a course with us. You'll find this class on your "My Courses" page.

Tip #13: Viewing Flash Videos on your iPad or other tablet device
Got an iPad? Yes, we do love our technology, don't we? When accessing MCC using your iPad, or other similar device, you may have discovered that there are some things in your classrooms that you just can't see. The problem is, that unfortunately at this time, Apple does not support Flash videos. But no worries...there is an app for that! smile

There are several apps available that will enable you to view Flash videos.
Kim Parkinson, MCC faculty, has prepared a quick YouTube video that will show you how to use the Photon app with our website. (Thanks, Kim!)

I've received feedback from students who are using this app with their iPad and they have been very satisfied. Check it out!

Tip #14: Connect with us on Facebook!
Have you visited MCC's Facebook Page? Every day one of our online classes start, we post on our FB wall so you can stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings. You can find out when we are sponsoring various challenge blogs and get in on the chance to win free seats to any of our classes. Wondering which classes will be starting soon? Our FB Events page lists all of our classes offered during the semester. Make sure to "Like" us while you're there and all our wall content will display on your FB HOME page. smile

Tip #15: Contests and Giveaways!
My Creative Classroom offers a number of opportunities for you to win a free seat to any of our classes.
  1. Follow our blog, My Creative Life 2014. During the course of each month we will be offering free seats to several of our online classes on the blog.
  2. Join in on a challenge. Many weeks during our regular semesters we team up with a challenge blog or website for a crafty challenge and sponsor their chosen winner with a free seat to a class. Make sure to follow the rules stated on their site. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the next winner! To find out the sites we are sponsoring, check the Site News or our Facebook page.
  3. Take part in our Special Events. Twice a year we host specials that will allow you to earn a free class. We typically host a special for National Craft Month in March as well as a November Holiday Thank-You class. There will be more information about how to get a free class using these special events, on our Contest page, in our newsletter, on our Site News and on our Facebook page when they are announced. This is a super easy way to earn a free class!

Tip #16: MCC offers Gift Certificates!
Not sure what to give your artsy friends for the holidays or their upcoming birthday? What about a gift certificate to one (or more!) of MCC's fabulous online courses? You'll be certain to give them exactly what they want as they are able to choose the course they have been dying to take. smile

The Gift Certificate button is located on MCC's HOME page beneath our Partner Company logos (in the middle column). You can use PayPal or a credit card for your chosen amount. Send the gift certificate by email or print it out to personally hand deliver it. What could be easier or more perfect?


Welcome to My Creative Classroom. MCC is an online arts and crafts learning center. Our interactive and in-depth courses are instructor led and filled with wonderful projects and techniques to help you get the most out of your supplies.

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