XT/EN Bind-it-All Beyond the Book - Extended Enrollment
(BIA Beyond the Book - Extended Enrollment)



Bind-it-All: Beyond the Book - Extended Enrollment

You've either already taken the Bind it All 101 course or you're familiar with using the Bind It All. In this course, we'll take binding to the next level, creating several projects using the Bind-It-All tool and accessories, like the Round-It-All, O-Wires, and Cover-Alls. It's not about the basics anymore - we'll learn techniques for addressing challenging binding situations such as binding irregular shaped pages, binding on the edges of a project, binding pages of various sizes, creating projects besides books, tips for fixing mistakes, and more.

Lesson One: Binding Pages of Varying Sizes

Lesson Two: Binding On the Edge

Lesson Three: Creating Projects

Lesson Four: Alternative Binding Options

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Extended Enrollment classrooms include all course materials and are available only after enrollment in instructor-led classes. This classroom contains no message boards, student gallery or teacher communication.

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