XT/EN Fast & Frugal Scrappin' featuring Epiphany Crafts - Extended Enrollment
(Fast & Frugal Scrappin' - Extended Enrollment)

Fast and Frugal Scrapbooking

Fast and Frugal

Fast & Frugal Scrappin' featuring Epiphany Crafts - Extended Enrollment

This class is one of my most popular in-store classes (otherwise known as "Twenty Pages In A Day") and I am excited to bring it to you online. Being online, we can explore and share much more in this course than in a traditional store setting!

In this course we'll create at least four layouts each week, focusing on at least two complimentary techniques or products. We'll learn how to use Epiphany Crafts tools to create custom embellishments to perfectly match any project. After 5 weeks, you'll have completed 20 scrapbook pages and tried at least 10 different techniques!! I'll also share my tips for making the most of your supplies, solutions for using scraps, and more.

This class includes narrated slide shows, downloadable PDF tutorials, forums, and student gallery. If you have any questions regarding your ability to view course materials, please see our FAQ's.

Click here for supply list and course outline.

xtended Enrollment classrooms include all course materials and are available only after enrollment in instructor-led classes. This classroom contains no message boards, student gallery or teacher communication.

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