XT/EN The Painted Page with Clearsnap - Extended Enrollment
(The Painted Page -Extended Enrollment)

The painted page

The Painted Page - Extended Enrollment

In this class we'll play with all things "wet" to create 10 fabulous layouts. We'll use paint, Smooch, spray inks, heat embossing, and any kind of "wet" media we can get our hands on to create stunning artistic scrapbook pages. We'll prove you don't have to be an "artist" to use paint on your pages (but everyone will think you are)!

Lesson One: The Spray Bottle. A plain spray bottle with water in it and do wonders. We'll use this fun way to "paint" to create spray paint effects and likes of gooey, drippy goodness.

Lesson Two: Inky. Ink, be it for stamping, embossing, or spraying, is wet! We'll play with inks several ways to achieve unique, artsy effects.

Lesson Three: The Brush. Paint brushes aren't just for canvas anymore! With several brands of watercolor style papers on the market, plus transparencies and other "blank canvases" scrapbookers have access to lots of great things to paint on. We'll use paint brushes, Smooch and other "paints" with applicators, and foam brushes to achieve different effects.

Lesson Four: Everything Else.We'll mix all of the techniques we learning class for stunning effects and combinations. We'll create ice using embossing powder and paint, make textured "splats", and more.

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