Scrapbooking Your Faith (Library) - Karen Hunter
(Scrapbooking Your Faith (LIB))

Scrapbooking Your Faith

Scrapbooking Your Faith

Course Description
If your scrapbook albums are like mine, they are filled with layouts documenting birthdays, family gatherings, holiday celebrations and significant milestones in our lives and our family’s lives. They tell a lot of stories about things we did, but do your layouts also tell about who you are and what you believe in? If your faith is important to you, it deserves to be in your albums!

Join me on this 4 lesson journey to explore Faithbooking. Learn how to create layouts that incorporate your faith and family values. Each week you’ll be encouraged to focus on one or more “faith words” and receive journaling prompts, layout ideas, tips, and techniques that will inspire you to create beautiful layouts that ensure your albums not only reflect your life events, but your core beliefs as well.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction, Statement of Faith, Symbols of Your Faith

Lesson 2: Recording Blessings

Lesson 3: Prayers Said, Prayers Answered

Lesson 4: Praise

Library Class Info:

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Student Feedback

"This course opened the door to thinking about the possibilities of recording faith stories. Very much liked that downloadable files were provided with the words printed for you."~Lisa, MCC student

"I love all the extra materials, the bonuses, the journal prompts and the pdfs of words to use. It was extremely helpful to get down to the core of my faith. With that said, I had a little trouble keeping up the pace. I don't know if I was making it harder/longer than it needed to be, but it did take a while to process the information for each week and then to actually scrapbook. (I am still 2 pages behind) Love this course, especially the theme that I have overlooked in all of my scrapbooks!"~Elizabeth, MCC student

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4 Lessons
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60 days from enrollment. Students will receive an email reminder 3 days before they are unenrolled.
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