XT/EN Copic Markers for Beginners - Extended Enrollment
(Copic Markers for Beginners -Extended Enrollment)

Copic Markers

Copic Markers for Beginners - Extended Enrollment

Copic markers have taken the crafting industry by storm. Have you tried them but just don't get the results you want? Join me to learn what makes these markers so special and the "must have" tool in your crafting supplies.

  • Lesson One – Copic marker styles, basic care, storage and refilling, the Copic numbering system, inks and papers
  • Lesson Two – Color combinations and basic 2 color blending, natural blending families, blender pen
  • Lesson Three – Alternative Methods to blend and shade, 3 color blending, Copic markers and mixed media
  • Lesson Four – The Airbrush System, not necessary to have one for the class but you will learn how much fun they can be.

*The images displayed here (which I colored) are to demonstrate the beauty you can achieve with Copic markers. You will be coloring your own images at your own skill level. This is NOT a Copic Certification class NOR a coloring class, but rather a class devoted to Copic markers; their use and maintenance.


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