SALE! Watercolor Techniques with Teri Martin
(Watercolor Techniques)


Course Description

Here is a class that will guide you through the basics of simple watercolor painting. We'll review tools and materials then jump right in to some basic techniques such as background washes and basic strokes. From there we will paint flowers from a pre-drawn paper that you can print and trace onto watercolor paper. We'll also explore free form flowers and dropping colors into clear water for a "rainbow" effect. Your results will be great for card making and also suitable for framing as a gift!
  • Lesson One: Overview of supplies, basic techniques: background washes and brush stroke techniques
  • Lesson Two: Painting a Lily- Using a line drawing provided in the handout, we will transfer the drawing to watercolor paper then paint a picture of lilies
  • Lesson Three: Learn to paint free form flowers, dropping color into plain water washes an marks for value and rainbow effects
  • Lesson Four: Putting it all together

Student Feedback:

"More Watercolor and calligraphy classes. Any fine art classes would be wonderful. only draw back if there was any... wanted more! did not want to see this end! Kudos to all involved in bringing this class to the group!"~Maureen, MCC Student

"I liked how Teri used baby wipes to blend some of the watercolors. I never would have thought to do that. Also, I liked how she showed some books by other watercolor artists and encouraged me to try some of their styles. Thank you!"~Kristine, MCC Student

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This is an self-paced workshop. All content is available immediately upon enrollment. Students have unlimited access to the classroom while class is active on our site.

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